Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Moving again...

Hey all, just wanna let u know tat i'm moving again..yes, sorry..blogspot was fun this few years but im moving to a more matured looking, new blog..with pictures, music and other old ppl stuff, haha...please do visit me at

See ya there! thanks. =)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Late Happenings...

Got very bored at home...mastered the skill of solving my rubix cube, read books until my eyes get swollen, watch movies and series until the cows come home already, so decided to update my blog...hahaha...with pictures this time. but the quality abit the low cos was taken using my phone..sorry la forgot to bring my camera out...=P

So on Tuesday, was my 1st day of actually goin out...was fun..went to my uncle's restaurant/bar for's a very nice place...for those of you who plan to come KK or are in KK n haf never been, can go visit my uncle's place, it's called cocoon..opposite was a family dinner cos my 2nd uncle, his wife and grandson came over for holidays (Big family we have)

This is mine

My cousins, camwhoring while waiting for the food to come

For starters, we had Caesar Salad with smoked salmon
(yummm, i like salmon)

Main, my mom had the chicken chop..u can see that it's already 1/4 eaten
(too fast too furious..)

Me, i had a huge piece of lamb to devour
(can't rili see cos it's drowning in mint sauce)

Here's another picture of my food..haha

Then half way thru, the lights dimed even lower
n this live band came out
They're from the phillipines but they're good,
That night they sang a quite a few familiar songs like those from 3 doors down, kelly clarkson..pretty good la, got smoke machine summore...hahaha
(quite bad picture again...sigh-ness of no camera)

So after that, drove ppl home and rested for awhile while i waited for a msg from one of my best hang out buddies in KK...*drum roll*

Peter Fart!!!!
HAHAHA...and it's at our favourite place, Damai

drinking our favourite drink, Teh-C-Ping (or Teh Ais in KL)

He's just trying to act mature and all wearing his specs,
driving his brand new black Mafia Vios
which is like so illegally tinted and without a road tax..haha

well, i had fun hanging out with him,
askin him about his "life" and kacauing him..=)

And today, while ppl in KL had their Actskids Holiday Programme, i had a Timmy holiday programme...hahaha...was baby-sitting Timothy while Ai Fuah did abit of house was fun tryin to talk to n entertain a kid who's barely a yr old...cudn't understand a thing except the word cat..but it was fun, training bah...GAHAHA!!! I'm suppose to be his auntie dy, but since im still refered to as che-che, then ok la! YES! still young...hahaha...

"Who's this weirdo taking my pic? Stalker!"

We had fun emo-ing together...Teaching him a few of the poses like staring outside..

Or looking out the window...
He's a fast learner..

Hahaha!! while i SS about making him the most happening kid in town, i bet he has nth in his mind except the dogs outside, milk and nap...oh well...he'll come to appreciate it one'll see..haha..and yeah! tats about all the interesting things i did this couple of week's gonna be fun! and this time, i'll rmbr to bring my camera...i promise...hahaha...adios amigos!! Stay tuned for the next episode of...Eunice, life in slow motion...


Monday, November 26, 2007

Post *Insert Whatever Here*

Hey all, sorry for the LONG gone-ness...That's why im back today! i mean tonight! to update once again on exams, unplugged, my last week in subang and everything else i can think of...

Post Exam
Exams were awesome...NOT!! Everyday i count down the days until i finish..Felt so relieved on the last day of exam which was Chemistry, 7am paper...the weather didn't help thou, it was raining right after when i was walking home n stuff, emo lah...haha...went home, terus sleep...crazy tired ok? alot of chemical equations and essay points to think of mah....hahaha...after tat went for CC prayer and practice + unplugged went on till quite late thn had dinner...after tat the fun begins...COD with a bunch of ppl, went home showered then got a fon call frm calvin asking me if i wanted to go for a road trip all the way to cineleisure to pass someone something...i thought, why not? so we went, 4 of us, talking about surgeries, how neurosurgeons can kill whoever they want and all sorts of random stuff on our way there...after passing the thing to tat person, saw a McDs right outside, the atmosphere thr looked so cool tat we just HAD to stop and get ourselves ice cream...met some Acts church ppl thr so we sat together to get free refills with their cups (kiasu man u all..tsk tsk) got home at around 1 smth straight to bed. AH.....FREEDOM

Post- Post-Exam Unplugged
It was awesome!!! really...A fully packed day for me but it was all worth it...In the morning i went with Ellie and Dave to Segi college for their CF, i was playing and it was my 1st time there...something tat rili amused me was how some college students thr still acted like lil kids...we were in the lift right, and there were this bunch of them, right before they got out, they pushed all the buttons which means the lift has to stop on every floor...i was like "Wat the??" then i asked yvonne, "hey, this is a college right?" HAHA, oh well...back to unplugged, It was awesome!! SOOOOO many ppl came, i thought the whole floor was gonna like collapse or smth...i wonder wat would happen if we all jumped together...muahahah..anyways, if u want FULL coverage of the things that happened that night just drop by Calvin's blog and u'll get it there...[Oi, publicity ok? If suddenly ur traffic increase ah, u knw wat to do...hahaha...] yeah, and i just wanna take this opportunity to rili rili thank God for making all this happen..when everyone was running around kelam-kabut-ing and thinking whether everything will turn out fine, i bet He was crossing His hands, laughing at hw cute we were...(cheh wah) The prayer before the service was like the highlight for me la, those of u who were there for it, Good Job!! and also u'll know wat im talking about, it was powerful ey? God spoke to me even at tat moment and i just had the peace that everything was gonna be great, and that i need not worry about what the future holds and some other stuff which i shall keep personal..hehe..we all had a GREAT time tat night but i stone la after tat, too tired..went back, Tidur.

Post Subang 07'
My last week in Subang was really eventful..

Saturday - PILLOW floorball night...was so encouraged to see some girls travelling all the way from UITM...they played rili well too and we had fun, didn't we? hello? we did, right? right? haha..tat morning Cindy, Tracy, Moses and I went to Pyramid...wanted to catch a movie but time not ngam so we went shopping instead...Me and Moses bought ourselves quite alot of books in both MPH and Popular..haha (yes, we yeah, saturday was like that

Sunday - Church Day!! which i miss so very much now that im back in KK..after church, went with a whole bunch of ppl to Bangsar for banana leaf rice...thanks to Joel who introduced us..i followed Dr Vinod's car there and on the way we were talking about John Mayer and how his songs are awesome n stuff...and then smth rili funny happened...he wanted to tell me his favourite JM song, but he forgotten!! so i was trying to name him every single song from the room for squares album but tat time i was blur and couldn't remember all of them..n then both of us cannot tahan that we cannot remember so we try every way possible, me looking thru my phone, him thinking rili the end cannot still so he called his house mate...HAHA. wanna guess what the song is? GAH!!!! cant believe i left that song out...anyways, Banana leaf rice was ok, the chicken was so hard that if u threw it at a dog, the dog would die...the fried bitter gourd which was abit like onion rings tasted good...and yes, random talks about zombie movies, farts, spongebob and everything else in between made tat nite all good...

Monday - Pavilion KL...with Calvin and Cindy..Had lunch at a japanese restaurant to replace Jogoya which tidak jadi-ed due to some unforeseen circumstances..then went window shopping, and J.Co!! the donuts there were GOOD with a capital G and O and...u get my drift...had to queue quite long thou but i think it was worth the wait...hahaha...then tat night had a Pink steamboat at the chicken wing place, dunno the name but once u say chicken wing place, every1 sure knw already wan..reason being, everyone who goes there sure fight for the chicken wings..It would be gone in like less than 10 seconds..seriously. i personally find it quite entertaining..after tat yvonne, bernice and i head over to Jason K 's house which was so far away to get smth..and while yvonne was talking to jason, me n bern were playin with Shalom (jason's dog) SO cute la!! really manja and lazy but still cute...which pushed me back into the "I want a dog" zone...thinking of getting one next yr...see how la...*smiles*

Tuesday - Ampang satay with campuscity ppl...including Elder and Dave!! we drove like 2 hours plus just to go there and eat..crazy rite? but the satays were awesome and the nasi lemak, fuuuhhh, to die for...and its only RM1 per pack...*wipes saliva* after tat was suppose to head down to Sri Petaling to meet up with Joel to get boxes and yum cha but then we took a wrong turn and he told us tat we dont need to go anymore cos it was late a whole bunch of us who were so pumped up to go on a road trip somewhr far far away had to think of smth else to do..guess wat? we Catan-ed!! hahaha...BURN!! and yeah, it was a stressful game but GG la ya?

Wednesday - Cindy balik kampung and i did my packing...yeah.

Thursday - time to move out...Calvin n Tracy helped me move all my stuff to Mich's house, said our goodbyes, then left to have lunch with a group of ppl frm equippers church NZ...they were all so friendly and i had a great time with of them asked me to go out wif them again the nxt day bt i told her i was goin back tat nite and she was like "oh, u cant come out here tomoro?" so i had to kinda explain tat im from another part of Malaysia which was like 2 and a half hours flight frm whr they were and she was like "OH....*confused*" anyhoo...had my last dinner in Asia Cafe, whr i had my 1st dinner beginning of the yr whn i jz got thr...then Jason Khong sent me to the airport...we were like rushing cos i thot my flight was 9.50pm but it was actually 9.15pm...Jason drove really fast (legally) and we got there just in time..Had to look for a person to check in together with cos i was extremely overweight bt whn we got there, the KK line was empty...said a quick prayer (which i totally love) and the nxt thing i knew, i was talking to a really nice lady who agreed to let me check in together with her...and when we put our bags up, it was exactly, My God is awesome!!! and so after tat im back here, in KK..I miss Subang, and my life there, but no worries...I'll be back.

KK hasn't been really great yet cos im really bored...will post more when my frens start coming home (hint hint) and when things get more interesting around here...i bet it'll be pretty soon cos some KL ppl are coming!! and my brother's coming back!! and more......stay tuned.

PS : sorry for the sudden long post...just wanted to update about IS my blog so yeah, STBY if u think i wasted ur time...haha..cheers!


Friday, November 02, 2007

'Tis No Season To Be Jolly

Many things coming up this few weeks...AYA awards, exams, exams and exams...see, so many things rite? haha...that's why im gonna be temporarily away for this 2 weeks or so just bcos i haf to study and get good grades...gotta be serious, no more fooling's game time...

if u see me on9 havin emo nicks, rmbr tat it's exam time...stress leads to emo-ness...and also crap yeah...i shall jz stop...for all those havin exams, study hard and study smart...for those who aren't...i hate you...=P



Thursday, October 25, 2007


In our lives, we meet many people...since the day we're born, we meet the doctor who delivered us, the nurse who cleaned us..etc. but of cos la at tat time we still blur so dont knw anythin yet..all of us have friends, good friends, bad friends..still friends...but wat do they mean to us? haf we taken our frens for granted? are we being the kind of friend that they wan us to be? is thr anythin we can do better?

I truly cant say tat im an expert in this area..mainly bcos my frens change alot...not tat they dont wanna be my frens anymore but bcos i move too many frens i dont keep in touch wif anymore, some changed, some drifted apart..Can we ever live without friends? every1 wans to belong to a group, a bunch of ppl whr they feel safe, wanted, loved...some join societies, some join forums or chatrooms, others go into relationships...the latter being the majority...recently i found out tat so many of my frens are in relationships again, not tat i dont wan them to be in one but i jz thot we're still young, there are so many things we havent experienced, many ppl we havent met...y tie urself down to jz one person after another, u knw? well, it's their lives to live and here i jz wanna let u all (if u think im talkin about u) knw tat im here for u if u need anythin, i'll still listen to u if u wanna vent ur anger on hw he ffk u during dinner or how she didn't call u...etc..haha...=)

and also, wud like to take this chance to thank some ppl, just for being who u r, being a part of my life, being my no particular order ok? =) here we go...

You, who made me feel welcomed here, for being my 1st friend in KL
You, who helped me in my time of depression, for the prayers and encouragements
You, who talk to me about everything and anything every time u stay over
You, who listen to me when im down, when im in trouble, for being the 1st person i'll turn to
You, who talk me out of my emo-ness, bombard me with words of wisdom and cheer me up
You, who's so far away now, i really miss you, the times we spent back in KK, the laughters, tears, practically everything..
You, who fetch and send me home when i dont haf transport
You, who bring me to places i've nvr been b4
You, who didn't rili work out, im sorry...really
You, my little bro who gives me big hugs everytime i go back
You, who scare me sometimes but i knw u care...alot
You, my dai goh who has impacted my life so so much...
You, who make me laugh so hard everyday...
You, who talk about heroes so enthusiastically with me every time
You, my dai jeh, who always remember
You, who call me up every once in awhile just to "see hw ur doin"
You, who ask me out everytime i go back KK, even if i told u im busy
You, who sms me the nite b4 my exams to wish me luck
You, who purposely bang into me everytime in church
You, who helped me when i lost smth the other day, and brought me all the way to far far away to settle my things

and last but not least

YOU, who never ever leave me, always loving me and giving me the best there is...who watch over me every single day of my life, you're the best friend i ever had, the longest one too, although i disappoint u alot, but i knw u'll never say u dont wanna fren me, u'll never leave me alone, u're always there when i need u and i just want u to know tat i love u so so much..thanks for being everything to me...

thanks everyone for being a great friend, i wud never ever regret havin all of u as friends..and i thank God for placing u awesome ppl in my life..i believe tat in everything, He has his plans and u all are a part of my life for a reason...and i wud rili like to thank u all for teaching me hw to be a fren, lotsa love, Eunice.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

How much? How high? How far?

went back last wednesday for Raya holidays..not that i celebrate it bt holiday mah...haha..well, KK was great, had an awesome time jz relaxing, spending time wif my family esp my brother Gabriel who's gettin married soon..Din rili meet up wif alot of ppl this time round, jz needed time off i guess, had lotsa time to do things that i wanna do like morning/evening swims, downloading stuff (once a pirate, always a pirate), cooking n baking (yes i knw hw to) n havin time to think bout some stuff, talk to God and let Him speak to me..I had a wonderful time with myself..i knw it sounds sad but its true, i did...haha..

So on Sunday, went to church (din backslide, ok?) Skyline was still the same, familiar faces, songs, walk around also can suddenly kena whack by ppl, aunties and uncles asking the obvious question "Eh? ur back?!" haha, i knw they care...And seeing the youths all grown up now, some grew so much taller, some the stomach rounder (u knw who u r..=P), some lamer than ever(yes, you!) but overall they've grown, and it's so cool to see them rise up n take up what we old-er ppl left behind..*wipe tears* "our lil kids grow up dy..." *sniff* =D anyways, enuf bout wat i did, wanted to post about smth else goes..

How much? how high? how far? These are a few questions that im challenged to ask God..It's nt easy being a follower..Let's say ur in a gang, ur big boss ask u to go kill sum1, will u say "serious ah? nola, dont wan, so dangerous.." NO right? If u wanna be in their gang u've gotta do what he asks u to do otherwise he'll kill u 1st..There is no compromise, no bargaining involved..So, hw come when we're following the biggest and strongest Dai-goh EVER, we alwez give excuses, bargain, delay, postpone..? Sometimes we ourselves tell Him that we'll do it then when He say "Go." we pretend we never hear la, chicken out la..etc. (refer to post "What Do You Mean?")

What does it really mean to be a christian? i've often asked myself..wud my life be easier if i wasn't one, wud i be able to do more things, will i haf more time to study n become the smartest person in the world (HAHA) or haf more time to spend wif my frens doin what's "fun"? recently i had a chance to jz reflect on my life, think about everything that i've gone thru, and i finally haf my answers..Question 1,NO. why not? My life wud haf been a mess if i din knw God and what He has planned for me, i wud haf jz did watever i thot was right (even thou they're not) and who knws what i've become,whr i am, i mite even be dead =S..It's thru all these years of trials n testings that i've come to know how great n awesome the Big Guy is and how much He loves me despite of all the stupid things i've done..sometimes i cant even forgive myself but He did..because His love conquers all..Question 2, yes but why wud i want tat? there's definitely alot of things i can do but are they beneficial? so sadistic meh wanna hurt myself? no thanks! Question 3, No! I would haf more time in a way but i wud use the extra time i haf to do nonsensical things like hang out n talk crap wif my frens, go on9 n watch youtube all day, write stupid songs about hw my life sux cos i haf nth to i'll still not haf time...N i wudn't haf learned discipline, how to manage my time well, do well in studies as well as serve in wud be quite important to learn time management b4 entering the workin world..what better way to train ourselves?

so yeah, after all those evaluation n stuff, my conclusion is...being a Christian is awesome!!! Who cares what the world says about us? "Square, boring, crazy.." We'll jz see what they can say when Jesus comes again n they get left behind while we all go to heaven n enjoy our mansions filled with taylor guitars, durians, char-siew (oh, tat's my mansion =P) hahaha...but still, we've gotta try n get more ppl to realise what we realise, see what we see, believe in what we believe in...If it's SO good kan, why arent we promoting it? why arent we excited about it? come on ppl, we've got a world to save! who can save the world by jz keeping quiet and living life jz like everyone else? we've got to live extraordinary lives and be proud in what we believe in! Be brave enough to ask God how much when He says give, how high when He says jump, and how far when He says Go...Let's save the world! Yatta!! =)


Monday, October 01, 2007

So...What's Up?

Last week was one of the most challenging week i had since i came to KL...Trials was on, papers were crazy early...i had to wake up at like 5 smth in the morning to sit for 7am papers...masuk the hall also stone for like 10 mins b4 my brain can slowly start to sick on the last day of exam which was the day i was suppose to fly into kuching...was so so tired...when i was on the bus to the airport, i almost didn't make it out...i slept then when the bus reach, i cudn't wake up...good thing this rili nice couple came and woke me up...otherwise i wud haf missed the plane...haha...then in the plane, dont dare to sleep dy...i bought a book called "The five people you meet in heaven"...a very good book, rili emo and touching...very nice...haha

Kuching was good, ate ALOT...met up wif a few of my cousins whom i've never seen for a long time dy and their kids whom i've never seen since, family is rili big btw so we haf alot of cousins and aunties and uncles...and we haf to remember all of their names n stuff cos haf to call one by one...anyways...

My life next year is not how i imagined it to be anymore...i am put into a really awesome, exciting, challenging position...some of u may knw wat it is...if nt then ask me la..dont wanna announce and stuff...hahaha...well, for all the things i've prayed for, it is all clear rili happy about it all, how God spoke to me and my parents, the timing was jz so good and everything was put into place...I'm rili looking forward to next's gonna be great!! can't wait...but for now, gotta work hard for my finals which is coming REAL soon...cant blif SAM's gonna be over soon...feels like it was jz ystrdy tat i got here...oh well, time flies when u're havin fun mah ya? haha...

Father Lord, I thank You SO much for everything You've given to me, all the things You've told me, I believe that there's so much more to my life..Please take me deeper, one level higher, push me to my limits, stretch me, mold me into what You want me to be...I want to mean it when I say I'll do it, I want to see all the things You have prepared for me come to past...Hold my hand and walk with me, let me see what You see...Thank You Lord, Amen.